Pat Clouden

Pat Clouden

Patrick “Pat” Clouden is the CEO of Consumer Energy Solutions (CES). Since he co-founded the Clearwater-based company in 1999, he has expanded his staff 10 times.

CES has the purpose to help customers get the best rates on electricity and gas in deregulated markets, giving them the information they need to make energy-efficient, cost-effective choices, whether for home or business settings.

In 2007, Clouden got licensed to prepare and deliver in-house business training courses. Each course is derived from the Administrative Technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard, which enables people to do well in their jobs and life. “We have the top energy consultant and sales program in the U.S. bar none—and it’s all due to the courses we have been able to deliver to our staff,” said Clouden.

It is an advantage to be able to “build a program to successfully train people for their jobs and create expansive growth” in the community.

Giving an example of results, Clouden cites a 2008 training program he ran in his company. Twenty-five staff, ranging from top salesmen to generally productive staff and down to those who were on the verge of getting the pink slip, were put on a training program. “We checked the results,” says Clouden, explaining the before and after sales statistics that were compared. “We saw a 79 percent sales increase per person as a direct result of this program.”

Refining the program further, Clouden’s next test training program on a similar 25-salesperson sample found that whether they were high or low producing before, staff saw a remarkable 113 percent average increase in sales after doing the training courses.

Clouden is proud of the fact their company training “saves people’s jobs. It gives them a future.” The level of care and investment in individual staff is clear when you note that CES has won the Tampa Bay Times “Top Workplaces” award—five years running.

Creating jobs where people can stably succeed “is a huge thing for Clearwater.” Clouden went on to say, “I think that is one of our greatest contributions to the community—boosting the local economy.”